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These CFL grow lights are available in 2 different color spectrums. The 2700k bulb provides increased output in the red spectrum which promotes flowering & budding in plants. The 6500k bulbs are full spectrum bulb which promotes overall plant growth. Requires a larger mogul fixture or socket and 110/120 volt outlet. The light output of these bulbs are the same as a 500 watt incandescent bulb.


  • Primary growing area: 2' x 2'
  • Secondary growing area: 3' x 3'
  • Recommended height above plants: 6" to 2'
  • Light output: 8500 lumens
  • Heat output: Low
  • Bulb life: 10,000 hours
  • Wattage: 125
  • Dimensions: 14" x 4"

Growing Area
The growing areas listed above assume the light bulbs are being used in a fixture
with a reflector similar in quality to the ones offered on this web site.
Primary - Use this area if the grow light will be the main or only source of light for the plants. This includes areas where minimal light comes from windows or standard house/office lights.

Secondary - Use this area if the grow light will be used in a greenhouse or other area that receives direct sunlight for part of the day to supplement the light from the sun.
Heat Output
Type of Bulb
Average Bulb Temperature
LED & T5 Fluorescent
100 to 120° F
CFL (Compact Fluorescent)
130 to 180° F
220 to 260° F
MH and HPS
450 to 550° F
How Long Should Grow Lights Run?
This depends on the type of plant. Foliage plants need about 14-16 hours of light per day. Flowering plants need 12-16 hours of light per day. You should give most plants at least 8 hours of total darkness daily. Try to have the lights on at the same time every day. Using an automatic timer for your lights is recommended to make it easier.
The Electrical Cost to Run a Grow Light System
To get the operating cost per hour for a light, take the lights combined wattage, and divide it by 1000 to get the kilowatts used. Then multiply that number by the amount your electric company charges per kilowatt hour. HID lights will use the number of watts it emits per hour, ie; 600w system will use 600 watts per hour (regardless of spectrum).
(light wattage output / 1000) x electricity cost per kilowatt hour = Operating cost per hour
operating cost per hour x hours used per month = Operating cost per month
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Annapolis, MD

125 Watt CFL Grow Light Bulbs

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The light bulb is exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with it and my seedlings a growing well under it. The package arrived a few days later than was originally stated, but ACF let me know of the delay. The delayed arrival was not a fault of ACF, I am sure.

Media, PA

Great Gro-Light for plants

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This bulb is terrific it fit the fixture without an adaptor like I had before and it does help the plants on dreary days when a greenhouse is low on sunlight.

Great return service

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This was actually an exchange. I replaced my original grow bulb after 10 years or so of service, but the new bulb worked just a few minutes and then quit. I called ACF customer service, expecting perhaps an argument - because after all, it was a light bulb, and maybe I damaged it . . . It turned out that the customer service representative was super helpful and friendly, no problems at all, and immediately arranged for a replacement and sent a return label for the old bulb. I've already received the new bulb and it works fine. I have worked with this company for years and I've always been impressed by their selection and service. Thanks!