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This portable misting system has 6' of 3/4" tubing with 3 nozzles on the end which emits a fine mist (1/2 GPH output per nozzle). The flexible tubing will stay in any position you bend it allowing you to spray mist exactly where you want it. Add mist cooling to your greenhouse by setting misting stands up in front of your intake vents. Great for personal misting when outdoors on the patio, grilling out, or sun bathing by the pool. Recommended for use with a fine water filter. Connect up to 5 portable misting stands with one of our 5 Way Hose Shutoffs. Colors will vary.


  • No Assembly Needed
  • Shape Tubing to Fit Your Application
  • 3 Misters Provide Better Cooling
Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

Portable Cooling on the Cheap

Long ago I purchase a similar item from Home Depot, but it wore out after a few years. This version from ACF is much better in quality and flexibility (literally). We live in Phoenix and this is great for cooling the patio or pool. Sure this is not what it was made for, but boy does it work.


wish it came with an extra mister nozzle

After a few days of using one nozzle didn’t want to mist the best. Now that side is a hit and miss on working correctly. It is easy to use and when working its a nice product.