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Provides fresh air for plants, helps control humidity, & boosts ventilation of roof vent systems!
These intake fan systems are great for supplying fresh air to plants in the winter when it is too cold for traditional ventilation systems to run. Just set it on a timer to run a couple times daily for a few minutes. Bringing in fresh air also helps keep humidity from getting too high in the winter. The larger 8' intake fan is best for boosting the ventilation / cooling provided by greenhouses with roof vent systems by bringing in cooler outside air near the plants and pushing hot air out of the vents. Both systems come with screens and a built-in damper to keep out cold air when they are not running. Requires a standard 110/120 volt outlet.

Intake Fan Features

  • Multifunctional: provides fresh air to plants, reduces humidity, enhances cooling
  • Built-in dampers provide air-tight seal when not in use
  • Screened openings keep insects out
  • Optional accessories allow you to customize system to your needs

Intake Fan Options

4" Intake Fan Specs and Dimensions
8" Intake Fan Specs and Dimensions

Intake Fan System Instructions