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The Jump Start T5 Modular System gives you total control of your lighting needs. The Jump Start T5 is available as a combo kit, a complete 2 foot or 4 foot system, or as separate units so you can buy what you need to begin, and add on as you grow! The high output, energy efficient T5 lamps ensure that your plants get the light they need for robust growth. Whether you want a hanging system, a standalone unit, or a simple strip for a windowsill, the Jump Start T5 is the growers’ choice for seed starts, cuttings, herbs, and more!

Jump Start Grow Light Kits Include

  • 4 - full spectrum, 6400k T5 lamps
  • 4 - T5 reflectors
  • Dock for lights
  • 4 - legs (18" each)
  • Dock and link cords to daisy chain included lights
  • 6' power cord with inline ON/OFF switch

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