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Measurements: 18"W x 48"L x 36"H (2 Tier Bench)
Measurements: 18"W x 48"L x 54"H (3 Tier Bench)

These attractive heavy-duty bench makes a great addition to any greenhouse. Benches are constructed of heavy-duty steel with a baked-on epoxy coating to ensure a long rust-free life. Shelves are adjustable and can be placed anywhere on the support poles in 1" increments. Benches include hardware to connect multiple units together and wall mounting hardware as well.

The bench comes standard with 2 or 3 shelves (tiers) and can be equipped with additional shelves (up to 6 shelves total per bench) and 4" casters. Additional shelves come with all the hardware needed to mount them to an existing bench.

What makes these benches Superior?

  • Each bench can be assembled in a few minutes without the need for any tools
  • Every bench can support over 600 lbs.
  • Shelves are ventilated to allow easy water drainage and maximize air flow around plants
  • Shelves can be set at any height you want
  • Benches can be customized with additional shelves and 4" casters
  • Benches can attach together to create an attractive continuous bench look and feel
  • Benches include adjustable feet and wall mounting hardware for maximum stability on any floor

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Superior Bench Installation Instructions

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