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Overhead view of our growing facility

Aarons Creek Farms, Inc. (ACF for short) was established in 1966. Since then, our enclosed Bedding plant and plug ranges have grown to over 300,000 sq. ft.. In over 40 years of growing commercial plants and selling and constructing greenhouses, we have become experts on what types of conditions a greenhouse should provide to grow quality plants.

acfgreenhouOur greenhouse display and product testing area

At ACF, we know that every customer has special needs when buying a greenhouse whether their selection is limited by space, budget, weather conditions, local building codes, etc. That is why we offer several different styles of greenhouse kits. Each style of greenhouse has its own advantages and ability to overcome one or more of the limitations mentioned above. We also offer an extensive selection of greenhouse supplies in order to provide our customers with all of the accessories they need to maintain an optimal climate in their greenhouse.

Buying a greenhouse and/or supplies can be a very frustrating task for someone new to greenhouse gardening. That is why ACF puts so much emphasis on helping customers with their decisions by providing informational guides, helpful calculators, and by including as much product information about our products as possible. If you still have questions, no problem, we provide contact information on just about every single page, so you don't have to hunt for email addresses or phone numbers. Our focus has always been on quality and service. We take pride in being able to supply any customer's needs while offering individual attention to each and every order.

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