At ACF, we believe in providing our customers all of the helpful information they need to be successful greenhouse growers! From guides on purchasing greenhouses and supplies to calculators which help you choose the correct size equipment for your greenhouse, we want to make your greenhouse gardening endeavor a fruitful one.

Greenhouses & Supplies Buying Guides
Greenhouse Buying Guide - tips on greenhouse selection and location and information about coverings and frames.
Greenhouse Foundation Guide - instructions on building 3 different foundations and a list of what every foundation should have.
Greenhouse Supplies Guide - general information about greenhouse ventilation, misting, shading, heating, flooring, and benches and the benefits of using them.
Plant Grow Light Guide - information about the different types of artificial lights used for growing plants and a section describing sunlight's effect on plant growth.
Greenhouse Equipment Calculators
Heating Calculators - determine the heating needs and cost for a greenhouse in your area.
Exhaust Fan Size Calculator
- find out what size fan and shutters you need for your greenhouse.
Surface Area Calculators - the surface area of your greenhouse is needed for heat loss calculations.
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