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Sterling Heater Control Board J28R06881, part, heater, gas, board, control, spark, ignition, sterling, beacon, morris, dayton, circuit, terminal
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    Sterling part # J28R06881. Direct spark ignition board for Sterling & Beacon Morris gas heaters. This is the newest model which comes with the remote LED diagnostic light. Used On The Following Model Numbers:TF030, TF045, TF060, TF075, TF090, TF100, TF125, TF150, TF175, TF200, TF250, TF300, TF350, TF400, RF030, RF045, RF060, RF075, RF090, SF030, SF045, SF060, SF075, GG030, GG045, GG060, GG075, GG090, GG105, GG120, SF100, SF125, SF150, SF175, SF200, SF250, SF300, SF350, SF400, TC100, TC125,...

    Sterling Heater Fan Motor fan, motor, sterling, heater, gas, replacement, part, beacon, morris
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      All stocked Sterling fan / blower motors are listed below. They are all 120v motors. Fan motors only come with what is shown in the picture. Sterling Part # Fits Sterling Models J31R04766 GG30, GG45, TF30, TF45, RF30, RF45, SF30, SF45, BRT30, BRT45, BRU30, BRU45, BTU30, BTU45 J31R04091 GG60, GG75, TF60, TF75, RF60, RF75, SF60, SF75, BRT60, BRT75, BRU60, BRU75, BTU60, BTU75, QVF100 J31R04092-002 GG90, GG105, GG120, TF90, TF100, RF90, SF90, BRT90, BRT105, BRT120, BRU90, BTU100, QVF125...