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What are these options for?
These are propane conversion spring kits for heater gas valves. They do not contain any other parts for converting a heater's gas type. For that, you will need to purchase the entire heater conversion kit for your specific heater model.

Modine Heater Gas Valve Model # Options
Select the gas valve model # option that STARTS WITH the same numbers or letters as the valve on your heater.

Example: You have a RobertShaw model 7200ER valve. Select the RobertShaw 710, 720 option.

NOTICE: Gas valves shown below are not included with conversion kits
Honeywell Gas Valves
Model # starts with V
Robertshaw Gas Valves
Model # starts with 7
White-Rodgers Gas Valve
Model # starts with 3

Item # 40455, 4045520, 4045515, 4045510, 4045525, 4045530