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What are these options for?

Our premium shade cloth is made from long lasting UV protected polyethylene which gives the fabric superior strength and durability. The knitted design allows the fabric to be cut to any length while ensuring against ripping, tearing, and fraying. Excellent shading option for greenhouses with roof vents because the fabric can be cut around vents allowing them to open freely.

Compare our shade to others (see picture above). Our knit shade fabric uses 100% monofilament fibers which makes it stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than competitors who use a thinner tape in their shade.

Shade Features

  • Customization - shade can be cut to any size you need and won't unravel
  • Knit Construction - stronger and more duarable than competitors
  • UV Protected - treated with UV inhibitors to provide a long outdoor life
  • 12 foot wide (standard for all colors)
  • Blocks 60% of sunlight
  • Can be used on the greenhouse exterior and interior

Greenhouse Shade Options

Shade Color
Select the color of shade fabric you want from the drop down menu. Different colors are for desired appearance and do not affect performance.

Shade Length
Enter in the length of shade you want in the Quantity field next to the "add to cart" button. All shade is 12' wide and is sold per linear foot. Ex: 12' x 6' of shade is $3.50 x 6 = $21.00.

Piece #
If you want to order more than one piece of custom cut shade cloth, you will need to select a different piece # for each section of shade ordered. Otherwise, the lengths will just be added together on one piece.

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