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What are these options for?

These kits convert Modine PA 30-400 (same as BA 30-400) heaters from natural gas (NG) to propane (LP). You will need to specify the model of gas valve on your heater to receive the proper conversion kit. Pictures are shown below.

Modine Conversion Kits Include

  • Main burner orifice(s)
  • Pilot orifice(s)
  • Air shutter(s)
  • Conversion spring kit for the gas valve on the heater
  • Installation instructions

Additional gas valve conversion spring kits are available if needed.

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Modine Heater Gas Valve Model # Options
Select the gas valve model # option that STARTS WITH the same numbers or letters as the valve on your heater.
You can opt out of purchasing the valve conversion part of the kit by selecting NONE (You will need to purchase a gas valve for the heater in addition to the conversion kit if you do this).

Example: Your heater has a RobertShaw model 7200ER valve. Select the RobertShaw 710, 720 option.

NOTICE: Gas valves shown below are not included with conversion kits and are not needed to convert your Modine heater unless the valve on the heater does not match any of the ones listed above.
Honeywell Gas Valves
Model # starts with V
Robertshaw Gas Valves
Model # starts with 7
White-Rodgers Gas Valve
Model # starts with 3

Modine natural gas to propane conversion kits can be purchased for the following heater models:

Modine PA Gas Heaters
PA30, PA50, PA75, PA105, PA130, PA150, PA170, PA200, PA225, PA250, PA300, PA350, PA400

Modine BA Gas Heaters
BA30, BA50, BA75, BA105, BA130, BA150, BA170, BA200, BA225, BA250, BA300, BA350, BA400