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Standard PVC Pipe Sizing
Pipe Size
Outside Diameter
1 1/16"
1 5/16"
1 1/4"
1 5/8"
1 1/2"
1 7/8"
2 3/8"

Make sure the pipe you will be using with these fittings matches an outside diameter above.

Our PVC furniture pipe and PVC pipe fittings are great for building pipe projects like greenhouses, cold frames, benches, light hanging systems, furniture, dog agility courses, outdoor games, and much more.

All pipe, fittings, and connectors are specially made with Titanium Dioxide to give them high impact resistance and a brilliant, glossy finish and UV stabilizers to provide superior weather protection and long life outdoors. These are all heavy-duty structural PVC fittings and connectors designed for use with our furniture grade PVC pipe (Glossy finish with no markings) or standard size PVC water/plumbing pipe that is not threaded. Many fittings have solid cores for added strength and are not designed to be used for water / plumbing purposes.

  • Cross, Tee, 90° and 45° Elbow fittings are the main building blocks needed for any project.- 3 Way and 4 Way connectors are great for peaks & corners.
  • 5 Way connectors can be used for center supports when making a shade structure or for the center support pole of animal pens.
  • Slip Tee fittings are shaped like a regular Tee, but PVC pipe can slip all the way through the 2 adjoining outlets, allowing the pipe to go into one Tee opening and out the other. Use the Slip Tee for making hinges or for adding support to a structure without having to cut the pipe.
  • Inner Cap fittings are designed to fit inside of schedule 40 PVC pipe and close it off keeping dirt, water, and debris out of the pipe and give the pipe a finished look.
  • External Mounting Caps are designed to attach PVC pipe to a wall or other surface.
  • 4 Way Y connectors are commonly used for making table base supports.
  • PVC Cement is a clear liquid specially designed to fuse PVC fittings and pipe together to create the strongest bond possible.

NOTE: Only 1" and larger fittings have beveled edges. See pictures for the difference in appearance.

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PVC Fittings

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I bought several types of fittings and they are all great. I'm using them to make a temporary paint booth. The fittings are not as tight as standard fittings that you would purchase at a big box store, which is great regarding disassembly. The snap clamps work perfect for holding down the wrapped plastic for my application. I strongly recommend these fittings.