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4 Tier Grow Rack
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    Grow Racks are ideal for extending the growing season in the spring and fall. Their small size allow them to be placed on decks, patios, or indoors next to a window. Grow Racks come with a UV protected, clear, vinyl cover which holds in humidity reducing plant's watering needs. Easy access and ventilation is provided by the zippered door panel in the covering. Racks also include a powder coated steel frame and multiple shelves which are perfect for maximum growing in a small space. Assembles...

    Flowerhouse HarvestHouse Plus Covers
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      These items are covers for the HavestHouse Plus only. The frame is not included. HarvestHouse Optional Covers The Bug Netting cover is designed to provide netting that keeps bugs, birds and other pests out of your greenhouse. This cover reduces very little light so plant growth won't be affected.The Blackout cover is a convenient storage cover that can double as a flower forcing cover. When it's time to put away the HarvestHouse for the season, this cover will keep dust, dirt and insects from...

      Flowerhouse RowHouse flowerhouse, starterhouse, starter, flower, row, cover, season, extender, greenhouse, cold, frame
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        The RowHouse portable cold frame is compact and lightweight for easy transport, setup, and take down. No assembly is required. The 100% waterproof Gro-Tec™ material is UV resistant with rip stop protection for longer life of your greenhouse. Setup, take down and store in seconds! 3 large zippered windows provide easy access. 3-screened vents allow optimum ventilation and pest protection. Great for ‘Hardening off’ young plants. RowHouse has 3 screened windows and vents which measure 11" x 34."...