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Sterling part # J14R03245-012. 24 volt transformer for Sterling & Beacon Morris gas heaters.

Used On The Following Model Numbers:
TF030, TF045, TF060, TF075, TF090, TF100, TF125, TF150, TF175, TF200, TF250, TF300, TF350, TF400, RF030, RF045, RF060, RF075, RF090, SF030, SF045, SF060, SF075, GG030, GG045, GG060, GG075, GG090, GG105, GG120, SF100, SF125, SF150, SF175, SF200, SF250, SF300, SF350, SF400, TC100, TC125, TC150, TC175, TC200, TC250, TC300, TC350, TC400, SC100, SC125, SC150, SC175, SC200, SC250, SC300, SC350, SC400, BRU30, BRU45, BRU60, BRU75, BRU90, BTU30, BTU45, BTU60, BTU75, BTU90, BTU100, BTU125, BTU150, BTU150, BTU175, BTU200, BTU250, BTU275, BTU300, BTU350, BTU400, BST30, BST45, BST60, BST75, XF100, XF125, XF150, XF175, XF200, XF250, XF300, XF350, XF400