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King Pic-A-Watt 240v Electric Heater (4410130)

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This rugged heater will provide your greenhouse, garage, or shop with years of reliable heating. The King heater has an amazing 19,454 BTU output at the 5700 watt setting. Everything about this heater is high quality including the accurate...
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Blacksburg, va

Couldn't be happier!

I have a glass greenhouse. During the past 5 years,we tried several different heaters to provide heat to protect the plants. Last year was colder than usual winter & we lost most of the plants, because the heater couldn't maintain the heat. We had the greenhouse wired for 240v & installed the King heater. So far this year, we had one unusual cold period with the temperature staying below freezing for 4 straight days & one day below zero, but the heater maintain a proper temperature. Couldn't be happier with the heater's performance.

Reviews 1-1 of 1