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Greenhouse Evaporative Air Cooler (80171)

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Screened Venting & Cooling all in one!Evaporative air coolers, also called pad or swamp coolers, have proven to be one of the most effective cooling systems for a greenhouse short of an air conditioner. It pumps water over the special cooling pads...
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Hickory, NC

Greenhouse Evaporative Air Cooler

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So I think I was the first one or at least one of the first to receive this Greenhouse Evaporative Air Cooler. My son and I installed it in a few hours. I purchased a Hamilton 3 in. H x 30 in. W x 30 in. D Condenser Pad from Home Depot to sit the Cooler on at one end of my greenhouse. We made sure that the pad was level in all directions. This is very important during the entire installation as the Cooler will be holding water that must stay level to maintain the proper 2" of water. We also placed 2 - 24" 4X4 pressure treated lumber to raised foundation for access to the drain plug. These were fasten to the pad with screws. We first assembled the duct for the cooler than installed the duct on the main cooler cabinet. I installed the float switch that would fill to the proper water level. I first installed the float switch upside down easier to see the screw to adjust the float but as I discovered just will not work. I found that adjusting the float switch was not as easy to get the 2" of water in the pan of the cooler. I would get 1 1/2" to 2 1/4". I settled on the 2 1/4" but may need to work on this more. During the entire process we used the Cooler unit with the duct attached for alignment . After getting everything assembled and leveled we came to the scary part as my son said of the installation. Making the opening into the greenhouse. We used the assembled Cooler unit with the duct up against the area of the greenhouse when we planned to enter the greenhouse and with a sharpie we made out pattern. My son used a Oscillating Multi-Tool to make the opening into the greenhouse then we pushed the unit and duct in though the opening. Next it was time to install the louver. Then we used clear silicone to seal and waterproof the opening on both sides. Note about the Louver. There is no where in the installation instructions that the outer louvers are manually opened. I thought that something was broken. But the great staff was fast to answer an email that there was nothing broken just that louvers had to be manually opened.

ACF Greenhouses: Thank you for the feeback! We have updated the installation instructions with your recommendations.
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Reviews 1-1 of 1