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Our wiggle wire is a UV resistent, plastic coated, reusable steel wire designed for simple and seamless installation and attachment of poly film, shade cloth, netting or various other materials to greenhouses or other outdoor enclosures. Ensuring exceptional hold, the wiggle wire system simplifies the installation of your greenhouse film and allows for easy removal and reuse when needed. The initial 6'6" length will stretch to 7' upon installation allowing you to cover more of your greenhouse frame.

The all aluminum wiggle wire base (not included) is deep enough to accommodate 3 wires at the same time allowing you to fasten multiple layers of different materials in the base base section. This is extremely helpful in corners where 2 walls meet, and you need to fasten the covering from boths sides together or if you want to secure a shade cover to your greenhouse or other structure. It is even wide enough to secure our Solawrap bubble cover.