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Part # 31 on the Modine Parts Diagram

Modine heater universal standing pilot assembly includes tubing, igniter, mounting bracket, instructions, & pilot orifices for propane (LP) and natural gas (NG). Modine Part # 3H37454-2 (Works with standing pilot Modine PD, PAE, & PA heaters)

Replaces part #s 3H34030-10, 3H34030-1, 3H34030-5, 3H34030-8, 3H32135-1, 3H32135-2, 3H32135-3, 3H32135-4, 3H32135-5, 3H32135-6, 3H32135-7, 3H32135-8, 3H32135-9, 3H32135-10, 3H32135-11, 3H32135-21, 3H32135-22, 3H32135-23, 3H32135-24, 3H32135-25, 3H32135-26, 3H32135-27, 3H32135-28, 3H32135-29, 3H32135-30, 3H32137-30

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Modine Standing Pilot Assembly Instructions