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Part # 29 on the Modine Parts Diagram

All stocked Modine fan / blower motors are listed below. They are all 120v motors. Fan motors only come with what is shown in the picture.

Note: If you have a PA model made before 1980, the part listed below may not work with your heater. If the last 2 digits on your PA heater's serial # are NOT 80 or higher, email your heater model # and serial # to .

Modine Part #
Fits Modine Models
PA30, PA50, PA75, PAE30, PAE50, PD30, PD50, PV30, PV50, PDP30, PDP50, PAH40, PAH55
PAE75, PAE100, PV75, PV100
9F30198 / 9F30226
PD75, PD100, PDP75, PDP100
9F30212 / 9F30227
PD125, PD150, PDP125, PDP150
PA105, PA130, PAE125, PV125
9F30225 / 9F30095
PA145 thru PA225, PAE145 thru PAE225, PV145 thru PV200, PD175, PD200, PDP175, PDP200, PAH130, PAH180, PSH130, PSH170
9F30097 / 9F30228
PA250, PA300, PAE250, PAE300, PV250, PV300, PD250, PDP250, PAH240, PSH225
PA350, PA400, PD300, PDP300, PAH300, PAH360, PSH280, PSH340
PA400, PAE350, PAE400, PV350, PV400, PD350, PD400, PDP350, PDP400, PAH360, PTS400, PTC400

Item # 4045, 4045080, 4045083, 4045085, 4045090, 4045095, 4045100, 4045110, 4045120, 4045130, 4045140

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Modine fan motor

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