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Modine IPI spark pilot part # 3H37454-1. Intermittent pilot ignition spark pilot for use with IPI ignition control module. Kit includes orifices for both propane (LP) and natural gas (NG).

Replaces part #s 5H80690-1, 5H80690-2, 5H80690-3, 3H34347-1, 3H34347-3, 5H71938-1, 5H71938-2, 5H71938-3, 5H74447-1, 5H74447-2, 5H74447-3, 3H32608-1, 3H32608-2, 3H32608-3, 3H32608-4, 3H32608-5, 3H32608-6, 3H32608-7, 3H32608-8, 3H32608-9, 3H32608-10, 3H32608-11, 3H32961-1, 3H32961-2, 3H32961-3, 3H32961-4, 3H32961-5, 3H32961-6, 3H32961-7, 3H32961-8, 3H32961-9, 3H33062-1, 3H33062-2, 3H33062-3, 3H33062-4, 3H33062-5, 3H33062-6, 3H33062-7, 3H33062-8, 3H33062-9, 3H33062-10, 3H33062-11, 5H70871-1, 5H71838-3, 5H74448-1, 5H74448-2, 5H74448-3
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