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240v Electric Heater with 24v Thermostat Kit (4410115)

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Need help sizing a heater for your greenhouse? Use our Greenhouse Heater Size Calculator One of the most common problems when heating with a 240 volt electric heater is finding one that can be controlled with an external thermostat at a resonable...
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Baltimore, MD

Just what I have been looking for!

Every 220 volt heater I could find was only available with a dial thermostat built into it. It has been my past experience that none of them are very accurate and tend to be the first point of failure. Finally I found one with a separate thermostat that I can place away from the heater! I now have the thermostat mounted where it is easy to read and make changes to, and it does not constantly cycle on and off like those cheap ones made into the heaters. THANK YOU!

Reviews 1-1 of 1