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Building a Greenhouse FoundationThere are several different options available when building a greenhouse foundation. There are a few things every foundation should provide: It must be anchored to the...

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Greenhouse Twinwall Bubble Insulation  bubble, insulation, greenhouse, twinwall, roll, cover, wrap, window, blanket, thermal, clear, insulate
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    Measurements: 4 1/2' W x 25' L roll (112 square feet) This unique twinwall bubble insulation can drastically reduce your greenhouse heating costs by as much as 45%. In addition to saving you money during the cool seasons, it will also help prevent overheating during the hot summer months. This unique bubble is only 3/16" thick but provides 15% more insulation than other bubble over twice as thick because of the extra outer layer that traps more air inside. Our bubble insulation has clear...

    Greenhouse Plant Hangers & Bubble Clips (10 pack) clip, bubble, plant, hanger, hanging, greenhouse, frame, plastic
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      Bubble Clips - Use with aluminum greenhouses that have accessory tracks in the center like the Cross Country, Solar Harvest, and Grow More greenhouses. Simply insert clip over the bubble and twist to lock in place. Bubble clips can be used to hang plants from the greenhouse frame as well. Easily removable and reusable. Clips should be placed every 2' to 4'.Plant Hangers - Hang baskets from the greenhouse roof with these unique plant hangers. They are secured into the aluminum channel of the...

      Bubble Adhesive Spray  bubble, spray, adhesive, fastener, greenhouse, insulation, sticky, secure
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        This adhesive spray is for or seasonal bonding of bubble to glass as well as metal, wood, and plastic frames. Quick drying time. Can size is 12 oz. (Enough to install ~200 sq. ft. of bubble insulation).

        Tek Screw Bubble Fasteners (20 pack)
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          Fasten bubble insulation to wood, plastic, and metal frames easily with these self-tapping screws. Wide washers (included) keep bubble in place. All rustproof stainless steel hardware. Screws should be placed every 2' to 4'. Easily removable and reusable.

          Bubbler Watering System bubbler, drip, watering, irrigation, water, pot, container, plant, flower, greenhouses, garden, landscape
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            This watering system is ideal for watering gardens, shrubs, trees, and hanging baskets. Drip irrigation saves time and money by watering precisely and efficiently. The bubbler watering spikes allow you to water several different size plants at the same time. Simply adjust the flow on each spike to change the output and coverage area (6" to 5'). Each bubbler comes with a watering spike to keep it in place. Connects to a standard water hose or faucet and can be automated with one of our water...