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SureSTAT TS110 thermostats have a watertight enclosure making them an excellent option for wet environments. The single stage thermostat can be used to automatically control ventilation fans or heaters. This thermostat was developed with the harsh greenhouse environment in mind. Temperature coil is stainless steel to prevent corrosion. SPDT switch. Wiring required.

SureStat Thermostat Features

  • Wide temperature range: 30° to 110° F
  • Fixed 3 degree temperature differential
  • Can be used with millivolt, 12, 24 and 120 volt appliances
  • Can handle 15 full load amps @120V
  • Can be wired for heating or cooling
  • Waterproof NEMA 4X enclosure

Thermostat placement in a greenhouse: To get the desired temperature, thermostats should be located at plant height near the center of the greenhouse where they are not influenced by drafts or the temperature of an exterior wall. It is best if both heating and cooling thermostats are located together and protected from direct contact with sunlight and water. One simple way to accomplish this would be to mount the thermostat(s) to a piece of wood (or other nonconductive material) with a top on it like in the picture to the left. Wood should be painted white to shade it from the sun.

What is a Differential? The difference between on and off setpoints on a control. For temperature, it is the difference in degrees between the thermostat's on and off setting. If you set a heating thermostat with a 3 degree differential to 71°, it will supply power at any temperature below 71° and cut off at 74° (3 degrees above the setpoint). A cooling thermostat would cut on above 71° and off at 68°.

Product Manuals, Tips, Specs, & Guides

SureStat Instruction Manual
Changing the SureStat Operating Mode & Checking for Correct Operation

Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:
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Great product and great company!!

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I used this product to replace a similar item which failed during electrical storm. Worked great and it fit exactly with the previous installation.
I have been a very satisfied customer of AFC for more than 12 years. I have bout a greenhouse, A swamp cooler (twice), a heater, thermostats,Fan controller, an exhaust fan, and other things too many to remember. I have received advice about and help with my greenhouse.
GREAT outfit


Dual set up for geothermal system

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Very easy to wire in a dual system for one blower fan. Each works great at low and high temp settings. Highly recommend.
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Great customer service!

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The SureSTAT TS110 thermostat has the features I need to control fans for the geothermal earth battery system in my greenhouse. One thermostat kicks the fans on when the temperature gets above 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, so they can push warm air underground to heat the earth up. The other thermostat kicks the fans on at night when the temperature gets below 45 degrees, to bring that warmth back up. The cold thermostat wasn't calibrated right, and had some damage out of the box. I asked ACF Greenhouse support what I could do to fix it. They determined it was a faulty thermostat and offered to send me a new one. This solution was much better than what I was expecting. I got the replacement two days later through priority shipping. I am very impressed with their customer service and am a happy customer. I have a third thermostat shown in the photo controlling the exhaust fan and louvres.
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They are good thermostats and seem to be calibrated correctly and we’re straight forward to install.


Best thermostat for greenhouses

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I just installed my second of these thermostats a month ago. I have one hooked up to run my 110v fan and auto louver opener motor, and the second as a millivolt thermostat for my natural gas heater. This thing is built solid, easy to install, waterproof with the conduit connection, and very simple to wire.