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This misting system emits a fine mist (1/2 GPH output per nozzle) throughout your greenhouse providing it with controlled humidity. Evaporation of the mist can also reduce air temperatures up to 20° F (works like an evaporative cooler for 1/10 of the cost!). The increased humidity also aids in seedling and cutting germination. The Flexible Mist System requires no tools for assembly! Just insert pipe into fittings, and they lock into place. Screws into any standard water hose. 24' x 2' of mist coverage. Expandable to 100 feet. Recommended for use with a fine water filter.

Mist System Includes

  • (12) brass misting nozzles
  • (11) 2' sections of UV resistant tubing
  • (10) 18' section of flexible feed line
  • (11) nozzles tees
  • (1) nozzle elbow
  • (1) water hose adapter
  • (24) mounting clamps