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This unique solenoid valve can handle low volume applications like gravity feed and misting systems. All fittings are included to connect the valve to 3/4" threaded PVC or standard 3/4" water faucets/hoses. The solenoid valve also comes wired with an 6' power cord. Plug valve into a humidistat to regulate humidity, plug-in thermostat to regulate temperature, or timer for a variety of watering and misting functions. Requires 110/120 volt outlet. Use with a fine water filter.

This valve can be automated with different controls for a number of purposes. Some of the most common are:

  • Misting system automation. This can be for cooling for which a thermostat or cycle timer controls are preferred, adding humidity for which a humidistat humidity controller works best for, or misting in seedlings / starts to keep the soil moist for which a cycle timer is most commonly used.
  • Drip or sprinkler system automation. These systems generally require less frequent and longer run times making a 24 hour or 7 day timer more ideal.

Pressure Range: 0 to 100 PSI
Flow Rate: 1200 gph maximum at 65 PSI
Flow Rate: No minimum flow rate for valve

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Plug-in Solenoid Valve Instructions

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Didn't last two months

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My order placed on 2023-07-06 Shipped On 2023-07-07
Yesterday I noticed that the breaker had flipped on the entire green house and troubleshooting has verified that the 5021255 Plug In Watering / Misting Solenoid Valve is shorted out and has soon as it gets power it trips the breaker.

ACF Greenhouses: I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with one of your solenoid valves. Have you checked the wiring per the instructions to see if a wire has come loose? That is the most likely cause. If you continue to have issues, please let me know, and I can have a replacement shipped out to you.


works as described, minor modifications

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the unit is sturdy which is good for the price. I use it on a thermostat controlled plug to turn on misting in my greenhouse.
the wiring inside the unit was a little suspect. the hot wire was sliced through the insulation and exposed. easy enough to strip more and redo the connections, but glad I peeked inside. it's really nice to have this wired directly to a 120v ac plug.
My only other trivial complaint is that the fittings were backwards in my opinion. the male coupling (nipple) was installed at the beginning of the water flow, which makes no sense, becauae from a spigot or hose you are always going to be starting with a male end. easy enough to reverse them.
overall, this product is good quality and does what it describes. if you are looking into a product like this, you're most likely handy enough to fix the small annoyances. shipping was fast and very pleased overall.


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works great, easy to install


Would buy again

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I looked all over for a way to easily control my misting system. All I had to do was connect it to my faucet and plug it into a timer. Very nice! A little pricey but well worth the money.