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This galvanized steel vent pipe is used for the combustion (inlet) air side of the Sterling GG heaters when using the concentric vent kit. 4" and 5" pipe connect the air inlet on the heater to the interior inlet on the concentric vent box. 7" and 9" pipe connect to the exterior inlet opening on the concentric vent box and run through the exterior wall to the outside of the structure being heated.

Sterling GG30, GG45, GG60, and GG75 use 4" and 7" piping.
Sterling GG90, GG105, and GG120 use 5" and 9" piping.

  • 26 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Can be cut to needed length with tin snips
  • Crimped end for a secure interlocking fit

Item # VP 4620110, 4620120, 4620140, 4620160