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Adjustable vent pipes can slide in and out of a standard vent pipe giving you an adjustable length. The amount of adjustment available depends on the length of the pipe it is connected to. Requires at least 4” overlap for a secure connection. Vent pipe and fittings feature patented built-in mechanical locking band and triple-lipped directional gaskets. All pipes and components are engineered with smooth clean welds located 90° from mechanical locking bands. All pipe and fittings are UL1738 approved for category II, III and IV venting applications.

Category 3 Gas Heater Vent Pipe and Fittings

Adjustable length vent pipes can only be connected to standard pipe and fittings. They can't be connected directly to each other.

What is UL 1738? In short, it is a US standard for gas venting systems required in category III applications. Category III refers to positive vent pressure which is created by exhaust blowers in unit heaters. These vent systems must be constructed of AL29-4C® stainless steel, contain gaskets for sealing, and have a built in mechanical locking band among other requirements.

  • Adjustable length for install flexibility
  • Made of AL29-4C® super-ferritic stainless steel
  • Built-in high temp silcone gaskets for air tight seal
  • Built-in locking band to insure a secure fit (no hardware needed)
  • UL1738 approved for category II, III and IV appliances.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Item # VE 4650200, 4651200, 4651230, 4651305