Greenhouse Plastic Film Size Calculator

  1. Measure dimensions A, B, C, and D on your greenhouse.
    Not sure how to measure C? You can use a 100' measuring tape (usually available at a local hardware store) or take a piece of rope, throw it over the side of the greenhouse, mark it at the base on each side, stretch the rope out on the ground when done, then measure the distance between the two markings on the rope.
  2. Determine the size of film needed for the top and sides. The length and width will be A and C. We recommend adding at least 1' to each dimension. This will give you some extra film to hold onto when securing it to your greenhouse. If you want a double layer of film inflated, order 2 pieces this size
  3. Determine the size of film needed for the end walls. Use measurements B and D for your 2nd piece of plastic. If they are less than 11' each, multiply the larger number by 2, and add 1' for extra film to hold onto. This will give you enough to cover both end walls with a single layer of film or one end wall with a double layer.


Greenhouse Dimensions: A=14' B=8' C=16' D=8'
Film size for top and sides = 15' x 17' (A + 1' x C + 1')
You will need to order 15' of our 20' wide plastic.

Film size for end walls = 9' x 9' (B + 1' x D + 1') x 2 end walls = 9' x 18'
You will need to order 9' of our 20' wide plastic.

NOTE: If you want to cover your greenhouse with a double layer of film, you would purchase 2 of each size film listed above. You will also need an inflation blower and jumper hoses for each end wall if you do not have them already.

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