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Not sure what size heater you need for your greenhouse kit? Our Greenhouse heater size calculator does all the work for you. Just enter in all of the greenhouse information below. Then you can choose from our extensive selection of greenhouse heaters and thermostat controls.
Greenhouse Heater Size Calculator
Surface Area of Greenhouse - This is the total square feet of exposed surface area (this is not length x width) your greenhouse has (don't include floor). To find out the surface area of a greenhouse we sell, click here. To find the surface area of a different greenhouse, click here to use our greenhouse area calculators.
Minimum Outside Temperature - You will want to enter the lowest temperature expected for your area. Not sure? Use the USDA Zone Map to find the minimum temperature for your area.
Inside Temperature - This is the minimum temperature you would want to maintain in your greenhouse when heating.
Heat Loss Value - Check the list below to find the heat loss value for the covering on your greenhouse. Some values may vary with manufacturer. If you know the R-value of your covering, you can convert it to a heat loss value using this formula: Heat loss value = 1 / R-value.
Area x (In - Out) x Heat Loss
Minimum BTU Needed - This is the minimum amount of BTU output your greenhouse heater should have. If the heater only has a BTU input rating, use the following formula. BTU output = heater efficiency * BTU input. View Our Selection of Greenhouse Heaters

Greenhouse Covering Heat Loss Values
4 mil polyethylene
4 mm (5/32") twinwall polycarbonate
6 mil polyethylene
6 mm (1/4") twinwall polycarbonate
6 mil poly double layer (inflated)
6mm polycarbonate roof & glass walls
11 mil woven polyethylene
8 mm (5/16") twinwall polycarbonate
3 mm (1/8") glass (single layer)
10mm (3/8") twinwall polycarbonate
Double layer insulated glass
10 mm (3/8") triple wall polycarbonate
Polycarbonate / fiberglass (single layer)
16 mm (5/8") 5 wall polycarbonate

Greenhouse Exposed Surface Area
Grow More Greenhouses
GM8 (8' x 11') 333 GM8ext (8' x 5') 104
GM10 (10' x 13') 442 GM10ext (10' x 6.5') 149
GM13 (13' x 13) 557 GM13ext (13' x 6.5') 175
GM16 (16' x 13') 681 GM16ext (16' x 6.5') 202
Sunshine Greenhouses
GKP64 - 6' x 4' 195 GKP88 - 8' x 8' 369
GKP68 - 6' x 8' 273 GKP812 - 8' x 12' 462
GKP612 - 6' x 12' 352 GKP816 - 8' x 16' 555
Cross Country Greenhouses
Because of the large number of sizes available, you will need to use our surface area calculator
to find the total surface area for the model you are interested in.

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