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The Modulating Temperature Control allows you to automatically control the speed of fans with variable speed motors according to the ambient temperature.

  • When the temperature is at the set point, fans operate at the idle speed setting.
  • When the temperature exceeds the set point, it increases the fan speed.
  • When the temperature increases 6°F above the set point, the fan speed will be at the maximum.
  • When the temperature drops below the set point, the controller shuts off the fans (in shut-off mode), or operates the fans at the idle speed (idle mode).

Modulating Temperature Control features:

  • Variable speed output
  • Adjustable 40° to 90°F temperature range
  • Temperature differential of 6°F
  • Adjustable minimum idle speed
  • Can handle 10 full load amps @120V
  • One-foot temperature probe, extendable to 500 feet
  • Rugged enclosure (corrosion resistant, water resistant, and fire retardant)
  • For use with any of our variable speed fans

This control is made to specifically control a single variable speed fan motor. If you have a fan system with motorized intakes and/or multiple fans, they will need their own separate thermostat.

What is a Differential? The difference between on and off setpoints on a control. For temperature, it is the difference in degrees between the thermostat's on and off setting. If you set a heating thermostat with a 3 degree differential to 71°, it will supply power at any temperature below 71° and cut off at 74° (3 degrees above the setpoint). A cooling thermostat would cut on above 71° and off at 68°.