• Williams DV22 Direct Vent Gas Heaters  - 4100115
  • Williams DV22 Direct Vent Gas Heaters  - 4100115
  • Williams DV22 Direct Vent Gas Heaters  - 4100115
  • Williams DV22 Direct Vent Gas Heaters  - 4100115
  • Williams DV22 Direct Vent Gas Heaters  - 4100115
  • Williams DV22 Direct Vent Gas Heaters  - 4100115
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What are these options for?

Sealed Combustion & No Electricity Required!
Williams direct vent wall heater draws outside air to the sealed combustion chamber and vents exhaust gases directly outside. This feature is highly recommended if you grow orchids. No electricity required, so heater will continue to operate normally even during an electrical power outage. Great heating option for greenhouses, garages, rooms in homes, and work shops.

Williams Direct-Vent heaters are designed for quiet operation. Convenient, Piezo pilot ignition - simple push button system lights the pilot without matches. 100% safety shutoff. Compact cabinet takes up little space, projects into room less than 11". (Largest heater is 32" wide x 28" high.) The optional Blower increases air flow and distribution of heat. It can be added at any time. Designed for propane or natural gas. Mounting bracket and venting included. Can be operated with any millivolt thermostat.


  • Sealed combustion (uses no room air for combustion)
  • Made in the USA
  • Certified for residential and commercial use
  • Matchless pilot igniter
  • Very quiet operation
  • No electricity required (perfect for power outages)
  • Vent pipe and terminal are included
  • 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger

Heater Upgrade Options

Heater Gas Type Setup
The heater will come equipped from the factory for whichever gas type you choose.

If the heater will be installed at a location that is over 4000' above sea level, Williams includes a high altitude kit with the heater for this application. Just select the altitude range that your location is in. Units setup for high altitude (above 2000') ship direct from Williams. Must be ordered with heater.

Williams Heater Zone Chart

Williams Heater Room Sizing Chart for In-Home Use
For Greenhouses, use our Greenhouse Heater Size Calculator .

Model #
1403822 (natural)
2203822 (natural)
3003822 (natural)
BTU Input 14,000 22,000 30,000
BTU Output 9,800 16,462 21,000
Zones Square Feet (Based on Ceiling Height of 8')
3 435 720 980
5 260 430 590
7 185 310 420
9 145 240 330
This chart is to be used for homes and as a guide only. Chart assumes areas are insulated.
Additional heat may be required at high altitudes. If you have a single room
with 4 exterior walls, additional heat may be required.

Product Manuals, Tips, Specs, & Guides

Williams DV Heater Specs and Dimensions
Williams DV Heater Installation Manual

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