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These heating cables speed seedling germination and growth with gentle bottom heat allowing you to get a head start on the growing season. They have a built-in thermostat that automatically activates the heating element if the soil temperature drops below 72° F which is the optimal root zone temperature for most seedlings and starts. Cables can heat the soil 10-15° F above the air temperature. Each heating cable includes installation instructions and helpful tips. 110/120 volt electricity required.

Heating Cable Sizes

  • 12' cable (42 watts) 3 square foot heating area
  • 24' cable (84 watts) 6 square foot heating area
  • 36' cable (126 watts) 9 square foot heating area
  • 48' cable (140 watts) 12 square foot heating area

Item # 3034100, 3034110, 3034120, 3034130, 3034030
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Heating Cables

These were just what I was looking for. First thing in the morning I stick my finger in the soil and its slightly warm at the root zone. Helped me get a jump on my tomatoes. Good price and really quick delivery.