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This unique controller can be used as a thermostat with remote temperature sensor or a cycle timer. Thermostat mode allows you to set both the ON and OFF temperatures instead of setting a single temperature like most thermostats. No wiring is necessary. Simply plug the device you want to control into the corresponding outlet on the controller and set the temperature range you want to maintain. Cycle Timer mode is designed to control devices that must be activated on a repeating cycle like a solenoid valve controlling misting, drip, and irrigation systems.

Thermostat Features

  • -72° to 176°F temperature range
  • Unique differential: Set both ON & OFF temperatures for device
  • Built-in temperature calibration
  • Operates on 110/120 voltage up to 15 amps (1800W)
  • Includes 6' remote sensor

Cycle Timer Features

  • Minimum time setting: 1minute (ON & OFF cycles)
  • Maximum time setting: 24 Hours (ON & OFF cycles)
  • Operates on 110/120 voltage up to 15 amps (1800W)

What is a Differential? The difference between on and off setpoints on a control. For temperature, it is the difference in degrees between the thermostat's on and off setting. If you set a heating thermostat with a 3 degree differential to 71°, it will supply power at any temperature below 71° and cut off at 74° (3 degrees above the setpoint). A cooling thermostat would cut on above 71° and off at 68°.