Much of the daily heat for greenhouses will come from the sun, but if you want your greenhouse to be more than a few degrees above the outside temperature at night, you will need to provide it with a heat source. The most popular greenhose heating systems are be fueled by electricity, propane, or natural gas. The choice of a greenhouse heating system and fuel depends on what is locally available, the heating requirements of the plants, cost, and individual choice. Heating requirements for your greenhouse can be determined with our Greenhouse Heater Size Calculator. Choose from our assortment of top quality electric and gas heating options below.

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Modine Heater Air Shutter
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    Part # 23 on the Modine Parts DiagramAir Shutters control the gas to air mixture on propane heaters. Modine Part # 3H20634-2 (Works with Modine PD, PDP, PV, PAE, & PA heaters setup for propane)

    Modine Hot Dawg HD Blower Gasket modine, hd, hot, dawg, blower, gasket, 40152, 4015215, 4015216
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      Gaskets for providing a seal between the power exhauster and the heater for Modine Hot Dawg HD heaters. Modine Part # Fits Modine Models 5H74996 HD30AH, HD45AH, HD60AH, HD75AH, HD30AS, HD45AS, HD60AS, HD75AS 5H79794 HD100, HDS100, HD125, HDS125 Item # 40152, 4015215, 4015216 ...