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Inches to Lower Door (optional)

Cross Country Door Sizes

  • Standard door - 32" x 76" (34 5/8" rough opening)
  • Handicap accessible door - 36" x 80" (38 5/8" rough opening)
  • Double door - 54" x 76" (54 1/2"" rough opening)

The Add-on door option includes adding an extra standard door to the end of the greenhouse opposite the original door.
The Upgrade door option involves replacing the original door with a different sized one.

Any Cross Country door can be lowered on the greenhouse frame to make it flush with a raised foundation. There is no additional charge to lower the door.

Cross Country Door Sizing Chart

Door Size

Greenhouse Model
Greenhouse Width
6' 8' 10' 12' 14' 16' 20'

36" x 80"
Cape Cod N/A
Cottage N/A
Lean-to Curved Eave N/A 6" DD 1" DD
Lean-to Straight Eave N/A 6" DD
Pacific N/A 6" DD 4" DD 1" DD
Traditional N/A 6" DD 1" DD

54" x 76"
Cape Cod N/A 15" DD
Cottage N/A 16" DD 3" DD 3" DD
Lean-to Curved Eave N/A 8" DD
Lean-to Straight Eave N/A 6" DD
Pacific N/A N/A 7" DD 11" DD
Traditional N/A 16" DD 6" DD 10" DD
*N/A - Not available as an option.
*DD - The door can be added but it must be lowered below the frame the amount of inches specified in the chart.
For Arctic models, use the roof pitch you selected for that greenhouse.