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This unique controller can be used as both a heating or cooling thermostat and humidistat or dehumidistat at the same time! Temperature and humidity are controlled by separate outlets. No wiring is necessary. Simply plug the device you want to control into the corresponding outlet on the controller, and select the set point you want to maintain.

In Heating mode, in can control electric heaters, heating mats, and cables. In Cooling mode, it can automate fans, coolers, and mist cooling systems.

 In Humidify mode, it can be used to turn on a device like a solenoid valve which powers a misting system when the humidity level drops below the level you select. In Dehumidify mode, the controller can turn on a circulation fan, exhaust fan, or dehumidifier when the humidity level rises above the selected level. 


  • 5% - 99% humidity range
  • -40° to 212°F temperature range
  • 1% to 30% adjustable humidity differential
  • 1° to 30°F adjustable temperature differential
  • Both humidify & dehumidify modes
  • Both heating & cooling temperature modes
  • Built-in temperature & humidity calibration 
  • Adjustable high and low audible humidity & temperature alarms
  • Operates on 110/120 voltage up to 15 amps (1800W)
  • Includes 5' power cord & (2) 6' remote sensors

What is a Differential? The difference between on and off setpoints on a control. For temperature, it is the difference in degrees between the thermostat's on and off setting. If you set a heating thermostat with a 3 degree differential to 71°, it will supply power at any temperature below 71° and cut off at 74° (3 degrees above the setpoint). A cooling thermostat would cut on above 71° and off at 68°.