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What is included?

No wiring required! All equipment just plugs into the thermostat. Then plug the thermostat into an outlet, and you are done. Each fan system is packaged with all of the equipment needed to provide an automated fan and intake(s) for your greenhouse, shop, or garage. All included items are sized to provide optimal functionality of each fan system. Each fan system also comes with a waterproof connection kit which includes a multi outlet strip housed in a waterproof electrical box to protect all of the plug-ins and one extension cord cover for each intake shutter motor included with the system. An extension cord (not included) will likely be needed to allow intake shutter motor cord to reach the waterproof box. Links are provided below to each piece of equipment in the fan packages. Just click on the text for more information. Dimensions and specifications are also provided in the installation instructions below.

Premium Plug-in Fan System Features:

  • Waterproof Plug-in thermostat with 30° to 110° F degree temperature range
  • Aluminum intake shutters with plug-in motors
  • Louvered plug-in exhaust fan with multiple speed options
  • Waterproof electrical box & extension cord cover(s) to protect all plug-in connections

Premium Multi Speed Fan Systems Include

Product Manuals, Tips, Specs, & Guides

Premium Plug-in Fan System Instruction Manual
Fan & Shutter Size Calculator

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